Agatized Fossil Coral

Grape Agte

Fossil Bamboo

Alphabet & Cross Agates

Feather Agate

West Java Purple Chalcedony

Bumble Bee Jasper

Sumatran Fossil Palms

Blue Amber


Sumatran Agate

East Java Plume Agate

Petrified Woods

New Stone Materials

Resume of a Rockhound

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Photo #1 - Hand Polished Cabs cut from; Purple Chalcedony, Fossil Coral,
Fossil Palm, Sumatran Agate, BumbleBee Jasper and East Java Drusy

Photo #2 - Sumatra Agate

Photo #3 - Indonesian Blue Amber

Photo #3 - Pandora Agate

Photo #3 - Pandora Agate Slabs